Thursday, 17 November 2011

Torture in Plentong Epic Ride 2011 (English version)

18 November 2011
I’m on leave today, so I got all day to write about yesterday Plentong Epic Ride 2011. I felt a bit regret, mentally worn out, frustrated and mess up, just like the mesh up freaking  trek that has been cater for all the rider.. arghhh.. What an ugly feeling..

It was the worst ever...  Just throw me any mind blowing jamboree, but still cannot compare to this mind wrecking Plentong Ride..  It’s really a torment to all the rider.. Served we all right... this is the price to pay for the passion of riding a mountain bike. We had to push our bike, crossed the river and the single trek was really mesh up and very tactical. We cannot make even a single mistake, the consequences always hard for us to accept. It always pain in the.., u know where... ha-ha...

Now I know why Chacha holding the rubber tree really tightly during his leg cramped. The single trek was designed at the rubber tree plantation. I cannot even remember how vast the plantation was. The trek was so long and I’m getting tired of it. I almost hit one of the rubber trees.

 I almost passed out after completing check point 1... It feels like I’m cycling in a really long distances..  My mind was playing tricks on me.. I wander so much in my heart and longing the race to be ended soon. I also wander what’s gonna happen next. I thought that after check point 1, everything is going to be smooth flowing and going to be an easy A for me... I thought wrong... it became worst and worst... I had to carry my bike a few time to cross the river... And it’s not just 1 river, there a few for us to cross... arghh... Sigh...
The distances between checkpoint 1 to checkpoint 2 is only 1km, but the challenges really tough for us to take... the uphill trek really kills me... I cannot even push my bike... I just don’t have any strength left in my body.. Passing through the transmission line, really test my mental and physical..
It almost 1 o’clock, the sound of Azan Zuhur from the nearby mosque faintly through the surrounding area... I still want to reach checkpoint 3, I still have the desire to complete the race and I’ve just crossed one of the river. To show some respect for the Azan, I rest for a while with some of the rider, we just lean over on some big rock at the side of the trek. The sun was rising above us and I just cannot imagine the penetrating heat that just unbearable for us... As I thought that everything is going to be over, but a hellish uphill trek is waiting in front of us. It was really high and the distance is about 1 km... I just cannot go on anymore; I give up and keep on looking at my watch, wandering when this ride is going to be over...
When I reached the main road at checkpoint 3, I saw Ijal and Zaidi... there’s a lorry parking beside them... I just cannot continue the race... There’s no energy left inside my body... I cycled back to the main road along with one rider from Singapore, he also cannot continue the race anymore... During my cycled back, I got lost and had to ask the local people for direction... I’ve already reached PPD Pasir Gudang, using the old main road as guide and yet, I’m cycling in the penetrating heat of the sun... It’s burning through my skull..

I reached the starting line at 3 pm. I surrender... I don’t want to enter this kind of race anymore... lucky me that this is the last Plentong Epic Ride race, they will not held it anymore next year... good, enough of it...
Anyways, I would like to congrats Irfan for being in the top 50 rider, Yaman in the top 100 rider, Zamri in the top 150 rider and Daud in the top 300 rider... and credits also goes to the others, Mamet, Bard, Hj. Zin, Sam Ju On, Azrai, Asif, Zaidi, Fad and Ijal... so long guys and until we meet again... out..


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  1. Padan muka ko heheheh, baru ko tau apamacam yang kurasai... di Jamboree KUALE 2011 pun +- camtu n apa yg lebe menyedihkan banyak chiken loop lagi, ada yg janji menang bukan keutamaan santai menikmati alam flora n adventure.


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